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Why Choose Dr. Fong?

Why Choose Dr. Ben Fong | Ottawa Invisalign Dentist

Dr. Ben Fong is a General Dentist in Ottawa with 33 years of experience with his main focus on Aesthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics.

▶ He has completed thousands of Orthodontic cases including over 1,400 cases of Invisalign.
▶ The technique he employs includes The ITERO SCANNER replaces traditional dental impressions with digital images. The ACCELEDENT, a device that is used for 20 minutes a day, creating micropulses that speed up the remodeling of bone tissue; PROPEL, an instrument to perform small micro-osteoperforations in selected areas to create local inflammation in speeding up the Orthodontic process.
▶ He has over 450 YouTube videos on Invisalign and general Orthodontic procedures, over half a million views collectively.
▶ He has created the websites Invisalign Results and Braces Results, which contains over 800 of his orthodontic patients, showing before and after pictures along with information about duration of treatment, type of malocclusion (bad bite), and virtual teeth movement videos.
▶ He offers free initial Invisalign consultation.
▶ He has convenience hours and offers flexible and affordable monthly payment.