Why did you choose orthodontics as your major interest in your practice?

Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by people’s smile and what a difference it could make on a first impression. For that reason, I choose dentistry as my career when I was finishing high school. During my dental school years, I was quite captured by cosmetic dentistry and the technical aspect of the profession. I practice general dentistry and provide every aspect of dentistry to the community. I maintain my interest in cosmetics and eventually came to realize that orthodontics plays a major part in helping to orchestrate a perfect smile. Crowns and veneers can certainly improve the appearance of a damaged tooth but orthodontics will create the symmetry and the perfect alignment of a beautiful smile.

How has your Orthodontic portion of practice grown?

The majority of my patients come to my practice through referrals from other patients who are happy and satis ed with my service. I also get referrals from fellow dentists; for those patients, I strictly provide orthodontic treatment and refer them back to their dentist for their routine treatment.

Why do patients prefer Invisalign?

The most common reason is its inconspicuous presence. Beside it being comfortable, less office visits, less emergency appointments, the ease of maintenance is also an important factor as the patients basically continue with their usual oral hygiene routine; since they are removable, patients can eat without concern.

What type of information do you provide in your Orthodontic consultation?

My orthodontic consultations are free of charge. I review the patient’s main concerns, goals and their expectations. With the patient’s permission, necessary X-rays (at a fee) are taken. I also explain to the patient why they have their problems, the cause of it and what they can expect as a final outcome. I then decide which orthodontic treatment is best for them with regard to Invisalign or conventional braces. I also provide an approximate fee and how long it would take for the treatment to be completed. I show them sample cases from one of the 1000 plus treatments that I have done over the past 13 years. I also show some before and after results of cases similar to theirs from the websites InvisalignResults.ca and BracesResults.ca which contain 800+ before and after treatment of my patients.

How common is it for teeth that have been straightened to move out of alignment?

Relapse may occur regardless of what method is used to align the teeth, Invisalign or conventional braces. To avoid relapse, the continual use of retainer is essential.

What are your biggest challenges?

I am very careful with my case selection to avoid unnecessary challenges. My challenges with Invisalign are compliance, complexity and patient expectation. Patient compliance is very important with Invisalign, because of the fact that the patient has complete control over their treatment. Patients that don’t follow our rules and do not wear their trays accordingly are certainly one of Invisalign’s biggest hurdles. Sometimes the patient’s type of work, their social activities and their carelessness keeps them from their expected commitment. Complexity of the case is also important which is why case selection is crucial during the initial consultation. Expectation is also an issue when it comes to completing the case. That happens regardless of the method of treatment. I have the odd case that takes longer than we first anticipated. In rare cases, when Invisalign treatment does not meet our initial goals, switching to conventional braces is our final option. Even then, a patient’s compliance is crucial in obtaining satisfactory results.

Please do not hesitate to email Dr. Ben Fong at Herongatedental@rogers.com with regard to any question you may have regarding your smile and Invisalign. You may also submit photos of your smile for a quick online analysis.

To view Dr. Fong’s 700 plus cases with before and after images, go to www.InvisalignResults.ca and www.BracesResults.ca

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