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Our Customers’ Reviews

Amazing dentist

4 5 1
Dr. Ben Fong is an amazing dentist. He cleaned my teeth really well. It was a great experience. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Phenomenal experience

5 5 1
Phenomenal experience, everyone was so kind and gentle. 100% satisfaction with the service. Thank you.

Lot's of experiance

5 5 1
Workers had alot of experience, workers were kind, considerate, and very helpful. Would recommend

5 5 1
We have both our daughter's ad patients of dr. Fong and we couldn't be happier. The office staff are very welcoming, appointment times are well kept, everything runs very smooth. Dr Fong uses the most up to date techniques and tools, and the hygienists staff are wonderful. We are very happy with our experience here.

Smile is brilliant

5 5 1
Amazing. Been coming here for years. 1 kid had braces and now her smile is brilliant. Other kid will get them next year. I've also been coming here for years and recommend them to everyone.


5 5 1
Sabeen R : My Daughter had her braces for just over 4 months and the results are already amazing. We are very pleased with Dr. Fong and his staff.

I would like to thank all employees of the clinic for making my treatment a simple and pleasurable experience. While my treatment lasted close to 20 months, my biweekly and often weekly appointments were never a drag, knowing I will be greeted and treated by very kind and professional staff. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Ben Fong and Sara for closely monitoring my progress and not hesitating when additional procedures and time was required for areas needing quick fixes and/or improvements. Last but definitely not least, Dr. Ben Fong ensured there were no surprises when it came to payments of fees for the Invisalign treatment, as well as other treatments (e.g. cleaning, fillings, etc.) and was very kind of flexible on that matter. My overall experience with this clinic rates at 10/10 and I have already recommended it to many of my family and friends.

Anna Anokhina

I started wearing Invisalign a year and a half ago. I was very persistent and wanted straight teeth. Going for regular check ups and adjustments of my Invisalign became a routine. Each week I was more and more satisfied with the way my teeth were turning out. Dr. Fong and his team are great. They put a lot of effort into their work to help me feel and look great. I now have perfect teeth thanks to Dr. Fong and his team. Knowing that my teeth are now straight, I can smile with such confidence. I truly recommend Invisalign to all those people who want to have straight teeth with a wonderful smile. Thank you Dr. Fong for helping me get such straight teeth, now I have a perfect smile!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the very professional and friendly service I and my family have received over the years. I have been a patient of the practice since 1988. While my husband was in the military, my family and I were always welcome back as patients when postings brought us back to Ottawa. Upon my husbands retirement from the army, he too was welcome as a patient. Over the years my family has had many types of treatments, braces for both sons, fillings, root canals, crowns, cleanings and checkups. Our expectations have always been met. The quality of work done and the customer service has always been exceptional. Thank you all once again and seasons greetings.

Cathy Roth

My experience at Dr. Fong’s while getting the Invisalign treatment was great. My treatment started in February and ended in December, which was a very short time period. While wearing the Invisalign retainers through this time, only one person noticed them. My teeth are now straight and Dr. Fong even levelled my teeth cosmetically, so they are flat as well. The staff at Dr. Fong’s were amazing as well. They made every effort to accommodate my hectic schedule and were completely professional and competent in their work. Every time I came in, the assistants knew exactly what they were doing. Before my treatment I had never felt comfortable smiling. I was always self-conscious of my crooked teeth. Now, I am always smiling!!! If you are considering getting Invisalign treatment, I would highly recommend Dr. Fong as his office provides a high-level of quality and customer service.

Eric Tyndall

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation of Dr. Fong ans his team in how they dealt with me during a trying time in my life. A few years back I was a typical person born in the 50’s, so scared of the dentist, that to go to one was not an option. Pain was tolerable, visiting the dentist was not. Over the last twenty years, I have had many dental issues that could have potentially harmed me and also made me not smile out of embarrassment, however I could not make an appointment. The fear and embarrassment was holding me back because I did not want to hear a gasp from the dentist when he examined my teeth. I finally got up the courage and made a decisions to contact the Ontario Dental Association with the hope that they could find me a dentist who would look beyond the dental issues and understand the person who is suffering. This person was Dr. Ben Fong of the Herongate Dental Clinic. Once I gathered up the courage and decided to go for my first appointment, I was greeted by a dental assistant who took the x-rays and the hygienist who cleaned my teeth. After this I met with Dr. Fong who assured me that his objective was to help me get through this process and end up with a killer smile. I cannot express how good I felt and a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders.

Michael Antony

Mirrors often reflect certain features we cannot stand, a fold here, a scar there, a crooked smile… with luck, some can be fixed, others covered up for a while. But the beauty of it all is to remain that same person in the end. An angel’s touch is necessary to make it effective, whether your teeth are too long, too twisted or sensitive; nothing is impossible according to Dr. Fong, having his skills and confidence he couldn’t go wrong. He has a heart of gold – that will never grow old. Amusing is his sense of humour – hip is his style. He’ll always make sure your visits are worthwhile. For a year and a half, we went through it all; the appointments, the never ending appointments, the pain and finally, the GAIN! Dr. Fong, thank you from the bottom of my heart, the work you’ve done is truly a piece of art. Make this mirror symbolize another smile that shines bright, to everyone, you are the candle that brings Light!

Sandra M